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Static Website using AWS

Pulumi package for hosting a static website on AWS infrastructure. Under the hood, the package uses AWS S3, CloudFront, and optionally Route53.


import * as staticWebsite from "static-website-aws";
const contentArgs: staticWebsite.ContentArgs = {
    pathToContent: "./www",
    custom404Path: "/www/404.html",
const domainArgs: staticWebsite.DomainArgs = {
    targetDomain: "",
    acmCertificateArn: "arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:...",
const website = new staticWebsite.StaticWebsite("blog", contentArgs, domainArgs);


The StaticWebsite resource takes two arguments for configuration, ContentArgs and DomainArgs.

ContentArgs is required, and configures the content being served.

  • pathToContent - A file path to the static content, relative from Pulumi.yaml.
  • custom404Page (optional) - Path to the resource to return when serving a 404. Relative to pathToContent, must be under pathToContent. If not set, 404 errors will be the default one served from S3 (which isn't especially friendly).

DomainArgs is optional set of arguments to create a Route53 domain record to serve the website. If you want to serve the website over a custom domain or serve it using HTTPS, you should specify DomainArgs.

  • targetDomain - the domain to serve the website on, e.g. "" or "". A DNS A record will be created to point the target domain to the CloudFront distribution. If set, a Route53 hosed zone for the root domain must already exist. (e.g. "" must already be managed by Route53 in the same AWS account you are running the Pulumi program in.)
  • acmCertificateArn - The ARN of the Amazon Certificate Manager cert to use for HTTPS traffic to the CloudFront distribution. Must be in the us-east-1 region and support targetDomain.


npm install
npm run build
npm run lint
npm publish


For details of how the AWS products are used to serve static content, you can read about how the code is structured on the Pulumi blog. This package is based on the aws-ts-static-website example in the pulumi/examples repo.


npm i static-website-aws

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