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Static web site and web application builder

Static+ builds web sites from a data stream and some HTML templates.

It can deploy the site as files in your filesystem, an S3 or CloudFront site, or from CouchDB.

Is it any good?



Install it from NPM

npm install -g static-plus

Point it at a CouchDB database



Static+ is an evented API and a command-line tool. It does three things:

  1. Let you drop in some templates, point it at a changes feed, and it spits out web pages.
  2. Deploy those web pages to places. Goals, in order:
    1. A directory in a filesystem
    2. S3. Just CNAME your domain there and you're done
    3. CouchDB attachments, plus access to the Couch API
  3. Watch the changes feed and re-deploy when appropriate

The directory and S3 deployment are straightforward.

The Couch deployment is the "plus" part.

  • Fast. No shows, no lists, no views. No rewrites. Every request is a static download from an attachment.
  • Push to a staging URL for QA, promote into production with an atomic transaction
  • Two paths are an exception: /db and /couch which hit the DB api and the couch API respectively.
  • request.jquery.js is there for you, of course.


Apache 2.0