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Build static web sites from templates. Plus.

Static web site and web application builder

Static+ builds web sites from a data stream and some HTML templates.

It can deploy the site as files in your filesystem, an S3 or CloudFront site, or from CouchDB.


Install it from NPM

npm install -g static-plus

Point it at a CouchDB database


Static+ is an evented API and a command-line tool. It does three things:

  1. Let you drop in some templates, point it at a changes feed, and it spits out web pages.
  2. Deploy those web pages to places. Goals, in order:
    1. A directory in a filesystem
    2. S3. Just CNAME your domain there and you're done
    3. CouchDB attachments, plus access to the Couch API
  3. Watch the changes feed and re-deploy when appropriate

The directory and S3 deployment are straightforward.

The Couch deployment is the "plus" part.

  • Fast. No shows, no lists, no views. No rewrites. Every request is a static download from an attachment.
  • Push to a staging URL for QA, promote into production with an atomic transaction
  • Two paths are an exception: /db and /couch which hit the DB api and the couch API respectively.
  • request.jquery.js is there for you, of course.

Apache 2.0