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Stateless is a Front-End javascript library for manipulating dom elements and attaching data values to them and pseudo mimicking angular's two way data binding in a much simpler but less powerful way


The goal of stateless is to put the model of an app into the view and make accessing that data easier. Because everyone is familiar with DOM manipulation, this makes it easier to edit and modify the app state without a some kind of external app stat that the app tries to reflect.

Additionally the system also tries to force as few changes as it can on your already existing pipeline so you can feel free to use whatever syntax you want and stateless will handle what is asked of it.


To use stateless, all you have to do is include the stateless js build into your app with <script src="path/to/stateless.js"></script>

After you have added stateless to your app, you need to add some elements into stateless's template library. to do this you call either stateless.register(htmlString) or stateless.register(domElement).

your dom element templates are then indexed in the stateless template library and if the root of the template elements has an ID attribute, that will be moved into the class attribute and will also be indexable via the string in the attribute. This is probably the easiest way of instantiating the template in the future so you may want to give all of your templates an ID,

The next step in building a dom out of the data is to instantiate the template element. Do this, we call stateless.instantiate(templateIndex) and this will return an instantiated copy of the registered element. you are now free to do with it as you wish.

Alternatively you can use stateless.view to build the main views before manipulating them later.

Additional Documentations

To view examples and references please view this projects's on github


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