Development hosting with live compilations of Jade, CoffeeScript, Stylus and more.


Development hosting with live compile of Jade, CoffeeScript, Stylus and more.

sudo npm install git:// -g

Create an example to start your new project:

node-serve example my-new-project

Jump inside, run node-serve and start your development:

cd my-new-project

In your project directory, put a file ns.config:

  "server": {
    "port": 8899,
    "host": "./build"
  "compile": {
    "jade": {
      "input": "./src/html",
      "output": "./build",
      "pretty": true
    "coffee": {
      "input": "./src/js",
      "output": "./build/js"
    "stylus": {
      "input": "./src/css",
      "output": "./build/css",
      "compress": true
  "livereload": "./build/css"

With jade, coffee, stylus commands installed if you wan to compile three of them:

sudo npm install jade -g
sudo npm install coffee-script -g
sudo npm install stylus -g
  • livereload
  • performance
  • command node-serve example
  • add ETag support
  • add 'If-Modified-Since' header support
  • remove ncp dependency
  • remove commands pre-installed requirements
  • remove .gitkeep, create build directories before compile