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Stack Overflow RSS


npm install stack-overflow-rss


var stackOverflowRss = require('stack-overflow-rss');
// get the latest javascript questions 
var consumer = stackOverflowRss({ tag: 'javascript'});
consumer.on('update', function(questions) {
// poll the most voted json and node.js questions feed 
var anotherConsumer = stackOverflowRss({ tags: ['json', 'node.js'], sort: 'votes'});
anotherConsumer.on('new', function(newQuestions) {

Requiring 'stack-overflow-rss' returns a function used to consume question feeds. The following options are allowed:

  • tag or tags - The question tags.
  • sort - Default is 'newest'. Can also be 'unanswered', 'active', 'votes' or 'faq'.
  • pollInterval - Default is 1000 * 60 * 2 (2 minutes).
  • lazy - Defer polling until the first subscription to 'new'. Default is true. You can use consumer.update()to trigger a single update.

Upon registering, an EventEmitter is returned. The events to mind are:

  • 'update' - triggered every time the questions are fetched.
  • 'new'- triggered only when new questions exist. At leat two updates must be done to trigger this event.