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    Simple proof-of-concept to validate STAC Items, Catalogs, Collections and core extensions with node.

    See the STAC Validator Comparison for the features supported by this validator and the others out there.


    Current version: 1.2.2

    STAC Node Validator Version Supported STAC Versions
    1.1.0 / 1.2.x >= 1.0.0-rc.1
    0.4.x / 1.0.x >= 1.0.0-beta.2 and < 1.0.0-rc.3
    0.3.0 1.0.0-beta.2
    0.2.1 1.0.0-beta.1

    Quick Start

    1. Install a recent version of node and npm
    2. npx stac-node-validator /path/to/your/file-or-folder to temporarily install the library and validate the provided file for folder. See the chapters below for advanced usage options.


    1. Install node and npm - should run with any version >= 14. Older versions may still work, but no guarantee.
    2. npm install -g stac-node-validator to install the library permanently


    • Validate a single file: stac-node-validator /path/to/your/file.json
    • Validate multiple files: stac-node-validator /path/to/your/catalog.json /path/to/your/item.json

    Instead of paths to local files, you can also use HTTP(S) URLs. Other protocols such as S3 are not supported yet.

    • Validate a single folder (considers all json files in examples folders): stac-node-validator ./stac-spec

    Further options to add to the commands above:

    • To validate against schemas in a local STAC folder (e.g. dev branch): --schemas /path/to/stac/folder
    • To validate against a specific local schema (e.g. an external extension): --schemaMap
    • To not verify SSL/TLS certificates: --ignoreCerts
    • Add --verbose to get a more detailed output
    • Add --strict to enable strict mode in validation for schemas and numbers (as defined by ajv for options strictSchema, strictNumbers and strictTuples)
    • To lint local JSON files: --lint (add --verbose to get a diff with the changes required)
    • To format / pretty-print local JSON files: --format (Attention: this will override the source files without warning!)

    Note on API support: Validating lists of STAC items/collections (i.e. GET /collections and GET /collections/:id/items) is partially supported. It only checks the contained items/collections, but not the other parts of the response (e.g. links).

    Config file

    You can also pass a config file via the --config option. Simply pass a file path as value. Parameters set via CLI will override the corresponding setting in the config file. Make sure to use the value false to override boolean flags that are set to true in the config file.

    The config file uses the same option names as above. To specify the files to be validated, add an array with paths. The schema map is an object instead of string separated with a = character.


      "files": [
      "schemas": "/path/to/stac/folder",
      "schemaMap": {
        "": "./json-schema/schema.json"
      "ignoreCerts": false,
      "verbose": false,
      "lint": true,
      "format": false,
      "strict": true

    You could now override some options as follows in CLI: stac-node-validator example.json --config /path/to/config.json --lint false


    1. git clone to clone the repo
    2. cd stac-node-validator to switch into the new folder created by git
    3. npm install to install dependencies
    4. Run the commands as above, but replace stac-node-validator with node bin/cli.js, for example node bin/cli.js /path/to/your/file.json


    Simply run npm test in a working development environment.

    If you want to disable tests for your fork of the repository, simply delete .github/workflows/test.yaml.


    npm i stac-node-validator

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