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    Invite-token system, mainly used for pubs. Creates invite codes as one of ways of onboarding.

    Generally this ends being used for pubs:

    • Users choose a pub from a list of pubs.
    • The chosen pub gives out an invite code to the user via the pub's website.
    • The user installs a Scuttlebutt client and copy and paste the invite code into the client's "accept invite" prompt.
    • The pub validates the invite code and follows back the new user, making them visible to other Scuttlebutt users.

    Soon, hopefully supercededed by ssb-peer-invites but supported for backwards compatibity.


    create ({uses, note, external, modern}, cb(err, invite_code))

    Create a new invite code.

    • uses (number): How many times the invite can be used before it expires.
    • note (string): A note to associate with the invite code. The ssb-server instance will include this note in the follow message that it creates when use is called.
    • external (string): An external hostname to use
    • modern (boolean): if true the invite code will be a valid multiserver address.
      • if modern is enabled, uses will be set to 1.
      • ⚠️ "modern" invites with ipv6 addresses currently have some problems

    This produces an invite-code which encodes the ssb-server instance's public address, and a keypair seed. The keypair seed is used to generate a keypair, which is then used to authenticate a connection with the ssb-server instance. The ssb-server instance will then grant access to the use call.

    accept(invite_code, cb)

    Use an invite code.

    • invite_code (string): an invite code returned by create

    This connects to the server address encoded in the invite-code, then calls use() on the server. It will cause the server to follow the local user.

    use ({feed:feedId}), cb)

    This method is used internally, it is called on the remote pub by your local instance when you call accept. To call use you must authenticate as a guest, by using the seed in an invite code, that was created by this pub.

    use({feed: feed_id}, cb)

    This commands the receiving server to follow the given feed.

    An invite-code encodes the ssb-server instance's address, and a keypair seed. The keypair seed must be used to generate a keypair, then authenticate a connection with the ssb-server instance, in order to use this function.

    • feed (feedid): The feed the server should follow.






    npm i ssb-invite

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