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A publishing interface for scuttlebutt feeds.

Track the state necessary to publish ssb feeds. This is built into secure-scuttlebutt, where it validates replicated messages, and it is also used "remotely" in patchbay.

By default, Scuttlebot uses a "master" identity/feed, which sbot.publish() will append new messages to. If you want to manipulate additional feeds, you can load the keypair and then use this library to do so.


var ssbFeed = require('ssb-feed')
var ssbClient = require('ssb-client')
var ssbKeys = require('ssb-keys')
var alice = ssbKeys.generate()
ssbClient(function (err, sbot) {
  var feed = ssbFeed(sbot, alice)
  // Post to alice's feed 
    type: 'post',
    text: 'hello world, I am alice.'
  }, function (err) { ... })
  // Also available: 

This example uses ssb-client, but, if you're embedding scuttlebot or the secure-scuttlebutt library into your process, you can use them locally.