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Cucumber.js integration for SocketStream


npm install ss-cucumber


To seed your SocketStream application with the files and folders required for using Cucumber:

cd [socketstream app directory]
ss-cucumber init

You'll notice a socketstream_steps.js file in the step_definitions directory. This provides a list of step definitions to use with your application out of the box. You can create feature files that use these steps to drive the selenium browser.

If you haven't got cucumber.js installed already:

npm install -g cucumber

And run:


This will run cucumber.js against your application via a selenium client. For more information behind all of this, see my blog post.

Step definitions available

  • I am on the homepage
  • I follow "link text"
  • I fill in "field_name" with "value"
  • I press "button text"
  • I should see "web page text"

There will be more added over time. This is just a start for now. If you have any that you'd like to see, send me a message, or feel free to fork this branch and make a pull request.

CoffeeScript support

If you want your world.js and socketstream_steps.js files in CoffeeScript format instead, simply pass this option:

cd [socketstream app directory]
ss-cucumber init -c

License & Credits

©2012 Paul Jensen. Licensed under the MIT License.