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Squirrelly is a modern, configurable, and blazing fast template engine implemented in JavaScript. It works out of the box with ExpressJS and the full version weighs only ~4KB gzipped.

This is version 8 - a new, more powerful rewrite of Squirrelly. It adds multiple features (like filter parameters, whitespace control, partials, and template inheritance) to bring you a template engine with the power of Nunjucks, the simplicity of EJS, and the small bundle size of its earlier versions.

Squirrelly v7 will continue to be maintained, and can be found at https://github.com/squirrellyjs/squirrelly/tree/v7.

Read about the changes

Looking for a lightweight, faster, and more reliable alternative to EJS? Check out Squirrelly's cousin, Eta.

Why Squirrelly?

Simply put, Squirrelly is super lightweight, super fast, super powerful, and super simple.

🌟 Features

  • 🔧 Helpers, filters
  • 🔧 Great error reporting
  • 📦 0 dependencies
  • 🔨 Conditionals
  • 🔧 Better quotes/comments support
    • ex. {{someval + "name }}" }} compiles correctly, while it fails with DoT or EJS
  • ⚡️ Exports ES Modules as well as UMD
  • 🔨 Loops
  • 🔧 Custom delimeters
  • 📝 Easy template syntax
  • 🔧 Precompilation
  • 🔨 Partials
  • 🔧 Inline JavaScript
  • 🔨 Comments
  • 🔧 Caching
  • 🚀 Super Fast
    • Squirrelly has been benchmarked against Marko, Pug, doT, Swig, Handlebars, Mustache, and Nunjucks. In each test, Squirrelly was fastest.
  • ⚡️ Async support: async filters, helpers, partials
  • 🔧 Template inheritance

📜 Docs

We know nobody reads through the long and boring documentation in the ReadMe anyway, so head over to the documentation website:

📝 https://squirrelly.js.org

📓 Examples

Simple Template

var myTemplate = "<p>My favorite kind of cake is: {{it.favoriteCake}}</p>"

Sqrl.render(myTemplate, {favoriteCake: 'Chocolate!'})
// Returns: '<p>My favorite kind of cake is: Chocolate!</p>


{{@if(it.somevalue === 1)}}
Display this
Display this


{{@each(it.somearray) => val, index}}
Display this
The current array element is {{val}}
The current index is {{index}}

✔️ Tests

Tests can be run with npm test. Multiple tests check that parsing, rendering, and compiling return expected results, formatting follows guidelines, and code coverage is at the expected level.


To be added

Projects using squirrelly

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  • Cypress: Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser
  • txAdmin: A full featured web panel to manage & monitor your FiveM Server remotely, used by over two thousand servers worldwide
  • Add yours!


Made with ❤ by @nebrelbug and all these wonderful contributors (emoji key):

Ben Gubler

💻 💬 📖 ⚠️

Clite Tailor

🤔 💻


💻 🤔

Lucas Wilson

🐛 💻

Jon McLean

💻 ⚠️

Note: because we completely rewrote Version 8 and it has a separate Git history, this chart excludes the dozens of contributors to Version 7. Their contributions are deeply appreciated and many of their ideas and code contributions are being used in Squirrelly v8. Many of their contributions can be found in the v7 branch commit history.

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!


  • Async support and file handling were added based on code from EJS, which is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license. Code was modified to throw informative errors and work with Squirrelly's API

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