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    Tiny SQLite helper library built on top of HTML5/Web SQL (DRAFT) API.

    This library helps you to build sqlite query in an eloquent way.

    Supported platforms

    Browser Mobile NodeJS
    Any js library supports ES6 module (React, VueJS...) React Native, Cordova (JS based others) Try and inform me please :)

    Why i need this tiny library

    I need to use sqlite in a project and i did some research. I found some libraries, for example websqlite and TypeORM.

    TypeORM has model support and more complex than i need (at least for my project). Also force you to use typescript. Websqlite also is a good library but i want to query sqlite database and get result format in a different way (Promises and result as object). At the same time i want the library to be handy and easy to read. That's why i decided to implement one.

    This is a fast imlementation took one workday. So if you commit bugs or issues i will be grateful

    Hope you enjoy it!


    Using npm:

    npm install --save sqlite-js-wrapper

    Using yarn

    yarn add sqlite-js-wrapper


    It supports various sqlite syntax. Here is the feature list

    Feature Description
    query Executes single raw query
    queryMulti Executes multiple raw query
    sqlBatch Executes multiple raw query using plugin-specific API calls support
    insert Insert single object or array of objects to the table given
    createTable Creates table using column argument and returns true or throws error
    dropTable Drops table if exists given as first argument and returns true or throws error
    isTableExists Check if a table exists or not
    table The magic! Takes table name as an argument then let you to chain with other functions such as (select, delete, update, where, whereIn, whereRaw, whereBetween, distinct, join, orderBy, groupBy, having)

    Chaining functions

    Function Description
    select Return the data from the query builder.

    Arguments: fields (string default is '*'. It takes comma separated string), limit (int), offset (int)

    delete Deletes the records.

    Arguments: limit (int), offset (int)

    update Updates the matching records.

    Arguments: data (object), limit (int), offset (int)

    where Adds where condition to the query builder.

    Arguments: field (string), value, operator (string default is '=' example: =,<,>, like ...), andOr (string default is 'AND')

    whereIn Adds where condition to filter the records that matches with the array given.

    Arguments: field (string), valueArray, andOr (string default is 'AND')

    whereBetween Adds where condition to filter the records that between the array given.

    Arguments: field (string), valueArray (two item only), andOr (string default is 'AND')

    whereRaw Adds raw where condition to write complex where clause.

    Arguments: condition (string), andOr (string default is 'AND')

    distinct Removes duplicates from result set.

    Takes no argument

    join Joins the table to another. This is a little more complex. See the examples below

    Arguments: joinTable (string), joinTableAlias (string), joinCallback (function (j){}), joinType (string default is 'INNER')

    orderBy Adds order by clause to the query. It can be used multiple times

    Arguments: field (string), type (string default is 'ASC' values are ASC, DESC)

    groupBy Groups the query using the array given.

    Arguments: groupByArray (array of string)

    having Adds raw having clause to a grouped query.

    Arguments: havingStr (string)

    exists Check if records exists or not

    createTable->columns supported properties

    key value required
    columnName string
    dataType string (null, integer, real, text, blob)
    primaryKey boolean
    autoIncrement boolean
    notNull boolean
    unique boolean
    default string
    option string (extra attribs such as "CHECK" when needed )


    First create database in usual way

    const db = SQLite.openDatabase(
        { name: 'test.db', location: 'default' },
        succ => console.log('DB Created: '),
        err => console.log('Err:', err)

    Init wrapper using database object:

    const sw = new SQLiteWrapper(db);

    Drop old tables if exists


    Create user and score tables

    sw.createTable('user', [
      columnName: 'id',
      dataType: 'integer',
      primaryKey: true,
      autoIncrement: true,
      columnName: 'name',
      dataType: 'text',
      notNull: true,
      unique: true,
      columnName: 'team',
      dataType: 'text',
      default: 'gala',
      notNull: true,
    // Result is: true
    sw.createTable('score', [
      columnName: 'id',
      dataType: 'integer',
      primaryKey: true,
      autoIncrement: true,
      columnName: 'game',
      dataType: 'integer',
      notNull: true,
      columnName: 'userId',
      dataType: 'integer',
      notNull: true,
      columnName: 'score',
      dataType: 'integer',
      notNull: true,
    // Result is: true

    Sample data

    const users = [
        { id: 1, name: 'user1' },
        { id: 2, name: 'user2', team: 'madrid' },
        { id: 3, name: 'user3', team: 'barca' },
        { id: 4, name: 'user4', team: 'arsenal' },
        { id: 5, name: 'user5', team: 'barca' },
        { id: 6, name: 'user6', team: 'gala' },
    const scores = [
        { game: 1, userId: 1, score: 5 },
        { game: 2, userId: 2, score: 2 },
        { game: 3, userId: 3, score: 4 },
        { game: 4, userId: 1, score: 8 },
        { game: 1, userId: 2, score: 3 },
        { game: 2, userId: 4, score: 1 },
        { game: 3, userId: 2, score: 2 },
        { game: 4, userId: 3, score: 4 },
        { game: 5, userId: 1, score: 3 },
        { game: 5, userId: 2, score: 1 },
        { game: 6, userId: 3, score: 5 },
        { game: 6, userId: 4, score: 2 },
        { game: 7, userId: 3, score: 2 },
        { game: 7, userId: 1, score: 1 },
        { game: 8, userId: 2, score: 4 },
        { game: 8, userId: 4, score: 3 },

    Insert data to tables

    sw.insert('user', users);
    // Result: true
    sw.insert('score', scores);
    // Result: true

    Insert single record and get insertId

    const { insertId } = sw.insert('score', { game: 9, userId: 1, score: 4 });
    // Result: InsertId: 17


    const rowsAffected = sw
    .where('team', 'gala')
    .update({ team: 'galatasaray' });
    // rowsAffected: 2

    Delete records id between 4, 6

    const rowsDeleted = sw
    .whereBetween('id', [4, 6])
    // rowsDeleted: 3

    Select all records from user table


    Select team names and remove duplicates

    const teams = sw
    const teamArray = =>
    // Result: ["galatasaray", "madrid", "barca", "arsenal"]

    Complex query using join, where, groupBy, having, orderBy

    This query return the users and total scores with user name sorted descendant by sumOfScore where sums bigger than 12 and team is not equal to arsenal

    const maxScoreList = sw
      .table('score', 'S')
      .join('user', 'U', j => {
        j.on('', 'S.userId');
        j.whereIn('', [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]);
      .where('', 'arsenal', '!=')
      .having('sumOfScore > 12')
      .orderBy('sumOfScore', 'DESC')
      .select(', SUM(S.score) as sumOfScore');

    Processing results

    There are 2 ways to get the results from functions

    • First is using await/async
    const records = await sw.table('user').select();
    • Second is using .then()
        .then(result => console.log(result));

    Error handling

    • Using await/async
    try {
      await sw.table('tableNotExists').select();
    } catch (err) {
    • Using .then()
        .then(() => {})
        .catch(err => console.log(err));


    All bugs, feature requests, feedback, etc., are welcome.


    If this project help you reduce time to develop, you can give me a cup of coffee ☕️ :)


    npm i sqlite-js-wrapper

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