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Sprite CLI

What is it

Sprite CLI is a command line tool which allows you to convert movies into ASCII sprite sheets and then play them back in the terminal. It uses ffmpeg to break up the video into a series of images, which then image-to-ascii converts those images to ASCII art which it builds up in a Javascript array, and writes the resulting array to an output file. That file can then be read in by the program any played back in the terminal with the help of log-update.

Sprite CLI is Magic

Why would you make this

Because I can. Yes the file size is larger than an mp4. Yes the resolution is terrible. It was just fun to make.

What would I ever use this for

For me personally, I just use it to make things that make me laugh. If that is not a good enough reason to do something with it, you should use it for:

  • A kick ass CLI loader animation
  • Make an awesome command line based game with cut scenes
  • To show your friends who code who 1337 you are. (That means "leet" which I don't really understand, but I hear it's fun for young people.)
  • Put all of your hipest friends to shame when you tell them you don't watch movies anymore, but instead you download text files that are 50 times larger than a regular movie file that you can only watch in a Unix type command line environment. They won't know what you're talking about, but rest assured, they will think you are super cool.




npm i sprite-cli-js

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