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This is the Node.js monitoring agent for SPM performance monitoring from Sematext.

The following information is collected and transmitted to SPM (Cloud or On-Premises version):

  • OS Metrics (CPU / Mem)
  • Process Memory
  • EventLoop stats
  • Garbage Collector stats
  • Web server stats (requests, error rate, response times etc.) Working for all web servers frameworks that use Node.js http/https module including
    • "connect" based frameworks
    • Express.js,
    • Sails.js
    • Hapi.js
    • Restify
    • and others ...

The module is able to run in cluster mode (master/worker).


Supported Node-Versions: Node >= 0.10, 0.12, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x

Please check our blog for more information or contact us at


    npm install spm-agent-nodejs

Get a free account and create a Node.js API token at


We use for configuration. This means config parameters can be passed via several config locations command-line args or ENV variables. We recommend to use a file in current directory in INI or JSON format called ".spmagentrc". This file can be generated by providing setting and environment variable and calling a helper script:

    node ./node_modules/spm-agent-nodejs/bin/spmconfig.js

The command above generates following default configuration file (YAML format):

    # Directory for buffered metrics
    dbDir: ./spmdb

    # Application Token for SPM
      spm: YOUR-SPM-TOKEN

      # log file directory default is ./spmlogs
      dir: ./spmlogs
      # silent = true means no creation of log files
      silent: false
      # log level for output - debug, info, error, defaults to error to be quiet
      level: error

The only required setting is the SPM Application Token, this could be set via config file ".spmagentrc" or environment variable:

export spmagent_tokens__spm=YOUR-SPM-APP-TOKEN

Please note the use of double "_" for nested properties

Configuration via Environment Variables

export SPM_TOKEN=token
# default is SaaS at, URL needs to be changed for on-prem to the local SPM receiver
export SPM_RECEIVER_URL=https://local-spm-server:8084/_bulk
export EVENTS_RECEIVER_URL=https://local-event-receiver/
export SPM_DB_DIR=/tmp
export SPM_LOG_DIRECTORY=./logs
export SPM_LOG_LEVEL=error
export SPM_LOG_TO_CONSOLE=true
export HTTPS_PROXY=http://my-local-proxy-server

Changing API endpoints for Sematext Cloud EU



Node Version 0.10 and 0.12

Add this line at the begin of your source code / main script / app.js

    var spmAgent = require ('spm-agent-nodejs')

Node Version > 4.x

There is an alternative using latest 4.x and 5.x releases. It supports a command line option "-r" to preload node modules before the actual application is started. In this case the original source code needs no modification:

  node -r './spm-agent-nodejs' yourApp.js



Please visit our WIKI for more information

Other SPM related packages

Please check out spm-metrics-js to monitor any custom metric in your application.

sematext-agent-docker, aka Sematext Agent for Docker


Apache 2 - see LICENSE file.