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SPK Auth React

A library for authenticating with ceramic using Hive Keychain and interacting with IDX for user profile data.


The main service class is HiveKeychainCeramicConnector. An instance of the service can be initialized directly, or a singleton imported by using a convenience react hook.

Import with hooks

Using the useHiveKeychainCeramic hook will cause a service singleton to be created on the first hook usage and memoized so that the same instance is returned for all subsequent uses of the hook.

import { useHiveKeychainCeramic } from 'spk-auth-react'

const connector = useHiveKeychainCeramic(ceramicHost, hiveHosts)

Initialize Directly

import { HiveKeychainCeramicConnector } from 'spk-auth-react'

const connector = new HiveKeychainCeramicConnector(ceramicHost, hiveHosts)

Service method usage for HiveKeychainCeramicConnector


Access the hive keychain browser extension and ask the user to sign a message with their Hive identity. The output is used to generate a secret seed for ceramic. The function logs into ceramic using the secret and returns an instance of CeramicClient.

The secret is cached in local storage and re-used on browser refreshes until the logout message is called.

async login(): Promise<CeramicClient>


Remove the ceramic secret from local storage so that a user must sign a message again to re-enter the app.

logout(): void

Get basic profile

Retrieve basic profile information from IDX for the logged in user.

async getIdxProfile(): Promise<BasicProfile>

Write basic profile

Write basic profile information to IDX for the logged in user.

async setIdxProfile(profile: BasicProfile): Promise<void>



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