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    A library that helps with importing customers into the Commercetools Platform.
    This library is built to be used in conjunction with sphere-node-cli.


    • Import customers to your CTP project
    • Pre-validate customers using a JSON schema
    • generating a password for every new customer
    • resolve a customer group name with the corresponding customer group reference
    • create a customer group for the given name if none exists yet
    • setting a default shipping and billing address


    The configuration object may contain:

    • sphereClientConfig: see the sphere-node-sdk docs for more information on this
    • defaultShippingAddress: Index of the address in the customer's addresses list that should be used as the shipping address
    • defaultBillingAddress: Index of the address in the customer's addresses list that should be used as the billing address

    Usage with sphere-node-cli

    You can use the customer import from the command line using the sphere-node-cli. In order for the cli to import customer, the file to import from must be JSON and follow the this structure:

      "customers": [

    Then you can import this file using the cli:

    sphere-node-cli -t customer -p my-project-key -f /sample_dir/customers.json

    You can pass a custom configuration as described above via the -c operator:

    sphere-node-cli -t customer -p my-project-key -f /sample_dir/customers.json -c '{ "defaultShippingAddress": 0, "defaultBillingAddress": 0 }'

    Direct usage

    If you want more control, you can also use this library directly in JavaScript. To do this you first need to install it:

    npm install ct-customer-import --save-dev

    Then you can use it to import customers like so:

    import CustomerImport from 'ct-customer-import'
    const customer = {
      email: '<some-email>'
    const config = {
      sphereClientConfig: {
        config: {
          project_key: <PROJECT_KEY>,
          client_id: '*********',
          client_secret: '*********'
        defaultShippingAddress: 0, defaultBillingAddress: 0
    const customerImport = CustomerImport(config)
    // load customer groups so they can be resolved to references
    .then(() => customerImport.importCustomer(customer))
    .then(() => {
      // done importing the customer
      // look at the summary to see errors
      // the summary hast the following structure
      // {
      //   errors: [],
      //   inserted: [<some-email>],
      //   successfullImports: 1
      // }


    npm i sphere-customer-import

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