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CLI tool to view SharePoint Framework extensions currently installed on a Site Collection, Site or a List.

Note: SharePoint Framework extensions RC is out now. It is not recommended to use them in production yet. The functionality of this tool might change after extensions reach GA.

Working of the spfx-extensions-cli tool


npm install spfx-extensions-cli -g


spfx-ext --help


spfx-ext --connect ""

Get sitecollection level extensions:

spfx-ext --site

Get web level extensions:

spfx-ext --web

Get list level extensions by list title:

spfx-ext --list "My List"

Add an extension:

Adding an extension to a site is mainly useful for tenant scoped extensions. Make sure the .sppkg file is uploaded/deployed in the app catalog and the extension is available to be added to a site without activating any features. After that, spfx-ext add can be used to add the extension to a perticular site collection, web or list.

spfx-ext add <title> <extensionType> <scope> <clientSideComponentId> --registrationid --registrationType --clientprops

For help, type

spfx-ext add --help


spfx-ext add "SiteCollection App Customizer" ApplicationCustomizer site f5c5285d-0141-42e5-b198-044433cd3d0c

spfx-ext add "App Customizer with Props" ApplicationCustomizer web f7b1ca4a-705d-45f6-a072-3803748556a9 --clientProps "{\"Top\":\"Top area\",\"Bottom\":\"Bottom area\"}"

spfx-ext add "List CommandSet" ListViewCommandSet.CommandBar list 297808d9-98da-44c7-a697-0605fc4062b7 --listtitle "Documents"

spfx-ext add "List CommandSet" ListViewCommandSet.CommandBar web 297808d9-98da-44c7-a697-0605fc4062b7 --registrationId 100 --registrationType List

Remove an extension:

spfx-ext remove <scope> <id> --listtitle

For help, type:

spfx-ext remove --help


spfx-ext remove web b424419b-af2f-4748-bd76-503fe1bd567a

spfx-ext remove site 92b384c7-4a78-4ad1-b6c6-a9c2d85c18b5

spfx-ext remove list --listtitle "Documents" 38f4ce5c-e447-4199-9f56-fd9f96370cfd

Note: Adding/Removing FieldCustomizers is not implemented in spfx-extensions-cli at this time.