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What's the service

Setup a website, or join a website using NodeJS connect module, when user access the web page, net rate testing is auto started, it will send back page data chunk by chunk, and at the end of every chunk transferred, the page will update rate statistics, including average network rate, last 1M transfer rate, accumulated total transferred data. All rate will expressed in MB/min, KB/sec, kb/s for convenience evaluation. Progress bar will advanced when more chunk was transferred.

You can test with any size (in MB), you can alway see the recent 1M transfer rate (that could stand for network rate in stable state).


Firstly print the visible part of the testing page, and init all stat counters. It include a form, you can fill the size input and submit, that will change the test transfer size and rerun the test.

Secondly, run the loop, repeating write a chunk followed by a update call