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Speech To Text

A speech recognition module.

It's designed to listen continuously to a user (i.e. pauses are ok), and then converts that speech to text.


yarn add speech-to-text


import SpeechToText from 'speech-to-text';

const onAnythingSaid = text => console.log(`Interim text: ${text}`);
const onFinalised = text => console.log(`Finalised text: ${text}`);

try {
  const listener = new SpeechToText(onAnythingSaid, onFinalised);
} catch (error) {

Demo here.


The constructor

  • onAnythingSaid: this is a callback function that is called with text as it's being said
  • onFinalised: this is a callback function that is called with the full text as it has been resolved in the cloud.
  • onFinishedListening: this is a callback function that is called when the speech recognitions stops listening.
  • language: This is an optional string that specifies the language to be interpreted as. Default is United States English. 'en-US'

The constructor will throw an error if speech recognition is not supported by the browser.

if (
  !('webkitSpeechRecognition' in window) &&
  !('SpeechRecognition' in window)
) {
  throw new Error("This browser doesn't support speech recognition. Try Google Chrome or Firefox.");


Initiates listening to speech input and will continue to call the callback functions provided until the speech recognition stops listening. After which you'll need to call this function again.


Does just that. Stops listening.