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    URL Implementation


    An URL manipulation library that supports URL records, relative URLs, reference resolution and a number of other elementary operations on URLs in a way that is compatible with the WHATWG URL Standard.

    This library serves as a reference implementation for this URL Specification, which is an alternative URL specification that rephrases and generalises the WHATWG URL Standard to add support for relative URLs, reference resolution and a number of other elementary operations, as wel as restoring a formal grammar.

    People are encouraged to experiment with creating more high level APIs around this library. One example is my reurl library, which wraps around spec-url to provide a high level API for immutable URL objects.


    The library exposes a concise, low-level API for working with URL strings and URL records. It models URLs as plain javascript objects and it exposes a number of functions for working with them.


    In this implementation URLs are modeled as plain JavaScript objects with the following optional attributes:

    • scheme, user, pass, host, port, drive, root, dirs, file, query, hash

    Here, dirs, if present is an non-empty array of strings, and all other attributes are strings. The string valued attributes are subject to the constraints as described in the specification.


    • ords
    • ord (url)
    • upto (url, ord)
    • goto (url1, url2 [, options])

    Base URLs

    • isBase (url)
    • forceAsFileUrl (url)
    • forceAsWebUrl (url)
    • force (url)

    Reference Resolution

    • genericResolve (url1, url2) — RFC 3986 strict resolution.
    • legacyResolve (url1, url2) — RFC 3986 non-strict resolution.
    • WHATWGResolve (url1, url2) — WHATWG standard equivalent resolution.
    • resolve (url1, url2) — aka. WHATWGResolve


    • normalise (url) — aka. normalize
    • percentEncode (url)
    • percentDecode (url)

    Parsing and Printing

    • modes — { generic, web, file }
    • modeFor (url, fallback)
    • parse (string [, mode])
    • parseAuth (string [, mode])
    • parseHost (string [, mode])
    • print (url)

    Host processing

    • ipv4
      • parse (string)
      • print (number)
      • normalise (string)
    • ipv6
      • parse (string)
      • print (num-array)
      • normalise (string)

    Parse Resolve and Normalise

    • WHATWGParseResolve (string, base-string)

    A Note - URL Objects

    The URL Specification models URLs as ordered sequences of tokens, "with at most one token per type, except for dir tokens, of which it may have any amount". Futhermore, the username, password, host and port are nested inside an authority token.

    This representation works well for the specification. But for implementations it makes sense to model URLs as records or objects instead.

    In this this library URLs are modeled as plain JavaScript objects. The dir tokens, if present, are collected into a single dirs array, and the authority, if present, is expanded by setting any of its user, pass, host and port constituents directly on the url object itself.

    There is a one-to-one correspondence between this representation and sequences of tokens as defined in the URL specification.


    Version 2.0.0-dev.1

    • Changes to the API for forcing and reference resolution.
    • A fix for normalisation of opaque-path-URL that resulted in a difference in behaviour with the WHATWG Standard.

    Version 1.4.0

    WARNING This version was released as a CommonJS module. This should have been considered a breaking change.

    • Converted the project from a CommonJS module to an EcmaScript module

    Version 1.3.0

    • Use strict resolution for generic URLs, in accordance with the WHATWG standard.
    • Expose a strictness option on the resolve operations.

    Version 1.2.0

    • Expose a WHATWGParseResolve (string, base-string) to work similar to the WHATWG URL constructor — new URL (string, base-string).




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