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A command-line utility for office365 sharepoint remote file operations

information list remote server files
_>spcmd ls

download of individual files from and online Sharepoint site / file storage.
_> spcmd get myshareFile.txt

upload of individual files or folder tree from file storage to online Sharepoint site .
_> spcmd get newFolder/myshareFile2.txt

remove files
_> spcmd rm newFolder/myshareFile2.txt

you will need to login first
_> spcmd login https://myproject.sharepoint/ login

thanks to s-kainet node-sp-auth module and Zarko Hristovski work

Installation or update

$ npm install -g spcmd


$ spcmd task args

Available tasks: (use --help for more info)

login -[options] [hostSiteUrl] [username] [password]  
        login with hostSiteUrl and credentials,
        if missing information are detected user will be promted from command line to complete

                > spcmd login password
                > spcmd login password -s /sites/myTeamsite -k sessionkey
                > spcmd logout
                > spcmd login 
                  enter password:
                > spcmd logout
                > spcmd login
                  enter host/site :
    clear all login credentials and host information, 
    after this, the next command will prompt you for login

    show current host and site
ls -[options] [remoteFolder] 
    list files in remoteFolder
    [-s]  host site url : override current site url
    example > spcmd ls
            folder1/  (3) 2017-06-03T18:25:01Z
            Forms/  (0) 2017-05-04T02:52:51Z
            test.js 628  2017-05-05T09:52:16Z
            file.txt 11  2017-05-18T12:48:15Z
           > spcmd ls folder1
            test/  (1) 2017-06-03T18:25:05Z
            package.json 1125  2017-06-02T13:41:39Z
            new.txt 19  2017-05-21T19:03:35Z

get -[options] <remoteFile> [localFile]
    get a file and shows its content or saves it
      [-s]  host site url : override current site url

      Example: > spcmd get foo.pdf d:/tmp/localfoo.pdf
                # write the remote file foo.pdf to your local drive
               > spcmd get readme.txt
                  this is my readme.txt content
                > spcmd get readme.txt -s /sites/mysite2
                    hello, this is another readme.txt content 

put <localFile|localFolder> [remoteFolder]      
    upload a file or directory content to sharepoint server
      remoteFolder will be created if not exist
      if local folder is provided, the same folder tree is created on remoteFolder
      [-s]  host site url : override current site url
                  > spcmd put d:/tmp/localfoo.pdf 
                  > spcmd put d:/tmp/localfoo.pdf remoteFolder
                  > spcmd put d:/tmp/localfoo.pdf -s /sites/anotherTeamSite
                  > spcmd put d:/mydir remoteFolder2 -s /sites/anotherTeamSite
rm -[options] <remoteFile> [localFile]
    remove a file 
      [-s]  host site url : override current site url

      Example: > spcmd rm foo.pdf 
                # remove file foo.pdf from server
                > spcmd rm readme.txt -s /sites/mysite2
                    remove /sites/mysite2/shared folders/readme.txt from server


 -d, --sharedDocuments [shared Documents translation]
      provide the shared document custom name or translation'
        the default shared folder is defined the french translation 'Documents partages'
        with -d option at login, the shared folder will be stored and used for the session
  -k, --sessionKey [key]
        provide the session key to store to
        you may want to use multiple session without need to logout/login again

--silent ............................... Suppresses most console output


The MIT License (MIT)