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Yet another static site generator based on markdown files


Takes a source directory of markdown files and spits out a website.



With yarn:

yarn global add sparkdown

With npm

npm install -g sparkdown

Configuration (optional)

To control the look and feel of the website, make a configuration file:

touch sparkdown.json

Write these options to your sparkdown.json file. If you omit this step, sparkdown will default to:

  "source": "./src",
  "output": "./dist",
  "bodyFont": "EB Garamond",
  "monospaceFont": "Inconsolata"
  • source: Source directory of markdown files
  • output: Directory where sparkdown will generate HTML files
  • bodyFont: Any valid google webfont
  • monospaceFont: Any valid google webfont (used when rendering code snippets)


Run the following from the root directory of your project (where your source directory is):


Sparkdown will read all .md files and convert them into .html files in your output directory. You can also use sparkdown in your npm scripts inside package.json:

  "name": "super-cool-project",
  "dependencies": {
    "sparkdown": "*"
  "scripts": {
    "build-docs": "sparkdown",
    "deploy-docs": "sparkdown && surge ./docs"


You can serve the output directory to any hosting provider that can deal with basic HTML files.


Take a look at the example project for an details on how to use markdown (particular attention goes to how you can do relative links between pages).