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Spaced Repetition

This is a lib designed to be used in a spaced repetition application (e.g. Anki, Mamrise, Lingvist). It should go well with memparse.

The provided flow is illustrated in this flowchart.

Example usage:

const SpacedRepetition = require('spaced-repetition')

const config = {
  'bad': '5 minutes',
  'new': 300000, // in milliseconds (5 minutes)
  'fresh': '1 day',
  'average': '5 days',
  'old': '14 days'

const last_shown = new Date()
const last_state = 'new'
const word = new SpacedRepetition(config, last_shown, last_state)
const result = word.good() // new SpacedRepetition instance

The above example shows how to create an instance of SpacedRepetition, and change the word's state and set the new date for when to show it again.

The result of running the above code would be a new instance of SpacedRepetition object, with the new state and date.

Because it's a new instance, you could chain the flow like this:


The state is never which follows old and gets set on .good(). After that, no state changes must occur.


  • SpacedRepetition(config, date, state) - creates a new SpacedRepetition instance, which can be used to indicate word's state and a date on which to ask it again.

  • config - Config object: with properties bad, new, fresh, average, old and each of them having a value of number of milliseconds or a human-interval

  • date - javascript Date object, of when the word was last asked

  • state - the current state of the word in String

  • .nextdate(grade) - creates the new instance of SpacedRepetition with state and date changed according to grade (ok, good, bad)

  • .ok() - wrapper for '.nextDate('ok')'

  • .good() - wrapper for '.nextDate('good')'

  • .bad() - wrapper for '.nextDate('bad')'

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