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    Space Hogs Build Status

    Discover surprisingly large directories from the command line.

    ~/projects/npm $ space-hogs
    151 MB ~/projects/npm
    Largest children directories, each larger than 9 MB
    ├──  31 MB [▒   ] /.git
    ├──   9 MB [▒   ] /node_modules/npm-registry-couchapp/node_modules
    ├──  12 MB [▒   ] /node_modules/tap/node_modules/nyc/node_modules
    ├──  20 MB [▒   ] /node_modules/standard/node_modules/standard-engine/node_modules/eslint/node_modules
    ├──  17 MB [▒   ] /node_modules/standard/node_modules/standard-format/node_modules/esformatter-jsx/node_modules/babel-core/node_modules
    └──  62 MB [▒▒  ] (everything else)
        151 MB Total
    ~/projects/npm $ space-hogs node_modules 5 --depth=0
    114 MB ~/projects/npm/node_modules
    Largest children directories, each larger than 5 MB
    ├──   6 MB [▒   ] /node-gyp
    ├──  11 MB [▒   ] /npm-registry-couchapp
    ├──  27 MB [▒   ] /tap
    ├──  56 MB [▒▒  ] /standard
    └──  13 MB [▒   ] (everything else)
        114 MB Total


    $ npm i -g space-hogs


    $ space-hogs --help
          space-hogs [path] [size] [--depth=number]
          directory        Directory to scan. Defaults to the current directory.
          size             Minimum size in MB. Defaults to 6% of the total MB.
          --depth=number   Number of sub-directories to dive into. 0 = none. Defaults to all.
          $ space-hogs
          $ space-hogs node_modules 5 --depth=0
          $ space-hogs 1000


    • I don't recommend using this on the root of your drive, there are better tools for exploring your entire disk.
    • There isn't a real API yet, it will always output to the console, but I hope to have a promise-based API.
    • Test coverage isn't really there yet.


    I'm happy to take contributions.

    Here's some ideas:


    • Show me what it should look like, or make a PR using chalk.
    • Even though all terminals should have a black background, some people use white, and we should be attentive to that when picking colors.

    API + Refactoring

    • I feel that my recursive promise implementation could be done better with observables/RxJS.
    • I think this will make it possible to have a good API.
    • If this doesn't make sense it's probably because I don't know enough about observables/RxJS.

    Cross-platform (aka Windows support)

    • I currently use du for calculating disk usage. This won't work in Windows.
    • If you would like to help make it work in Windows let me know and start working on a pull request.


    • I wonder if there are faster ways to get disk usage than du using native code. Ideas?

    Test Coverage

    • This project uses the AVA test runner, I recommend trying it!
    • Help me improve the coverage.


    • This is meant for projects, not for checking your entire disk, or even all of /usr/.
    • Add --debug and to get some debug info that will be helpful for creating tickets.
    • Windows is not yet supported
    • Versions of node before 4 are not supported.


    Super awesome and prolific node module creator Sindre Sorhus has a repo for sharing ideas for new modules. On Feb 10, 2016, I submitted a proposal for space-hogs: cli for discovering surprisingly large directories. There was a lot of interest, but nobody else created it, so I decided to see if I could.

    Similar Tools

    • WinDirStat - Windows only, GUI only, shows every directory, not just the largest offenders.
    • Grand Perspective - Mac only, GUI only, shows every directory, not just the largest offenders.

    About the Author

    Hi! My name is Dylan Greene. When not overwhelmed with my two young kids I enjoy contributing to the open source community. I'm also a tech lead at Opower. @dylang


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