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    A Sourcebit plugin for the Hugo static site generator

    👩‍🏫 Introduction

    This plugin writes content from any Sourcebit data source into files compatible with the Jekyll static site generator.

    🏗 Installation

    To install the plugin and add it to your project, run:

    npm install sourcebit-target-hugo --save

    💡 You don't need to run this command if you start Sourcebit using the interactive setup process, as the CLI will install the plugin for you and add it as a dependency to your project.

    ⚙️ Configuration

    The plugin accepts the following configuration parameters. They can be supplied in any of the following ways:

    • In the options object of the plugin configuration block inside sourcebit.js, with the value of the Property column as a key;
    • As an environment variable named after the Env variable column, when running the sourcebit fetch command;
    • As part of a .env file, with the value of the Env variable column separated by the value with an equals sign (e.g. MY_VARIABLE=my-value);
    • As a CLI parameter, when running the sourcebit fetch command, using the value of the Parameter column as the name of the parameter (e.g. sourcebit fetch --my-parameter).
    Property Type Visibility Default value Env variable Parameter Description
    fullAssetObjects Boolean Public false By default, values of fields that reference assets will be written as a string containing just the asset URL. To get a full asset object instead, set fullAssetObjects to true.
    writeFile Function Public A function that computes the files to be created, as well as their location, format and contents (see below for more details).

    The writeFile function is invoked on each entry from the objects data bucket, with the following parameters:

    • entry (Object): An entry from the objects data bucket
    • utils (Object): An object containing utility methods:
      • slugify (Function): Creates a filename-friendly version of any string (e.g. utils.slugify('Hello, Sourcebit friends!') === 'hello-sourcebit-friends')

    The return value of this function determines whether the entry being evaluated will be written to a file and, if so, defines the path, the format and the contents of the file.

    To write a file for an entry, the return value should be an object with a content, format and path properties. The nature of these properties may vary slightly based on the value of format, as shown in the table below.

    format content path Description
    frontmatter-md Object containing a frontmatter and body properties, which will be written to the file's frontmatter and content body, respectively The absolute path to the file. Must end with .md. Writes a Markdown file with a YAML frontmatter.
    yml Object to be written as YAML The absolute path to the file. Must end with .yaml or .yml Writes a YAML file.
    json Object to be written as JSON The absolute path to the file. Must end with .json. Writes a JSON file

    💡 If you wish to create multiple files for an entry, set the return value to an array of objects, each containing a content, format and path properties.

    👀 Example configuration


    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
          module: require("sourcebit-target-hugo"),
          options: {
            writeFile: function(entry, utils) {
              const { __metadata: meta, ...fields } = entry;
              if (!meta) return;
              const { createdAt = "", modelName, projectId, source } = meta;
              if (
                modelName === "post" &&
                projectId === "123456789" &&
                source === "sourcebit-source-contentful"
              ) {
                const { __metadata, content, layout, ...frontmatterFields } = entry;
                return {
                  content: {
                    body: fields["content"],
                    frontmatter: { ...frontmatterFields, layout: fields["layout"] }
                  format: "frontmatter-md",
                    "content/posts/" +
                    createdAt.substring(0, 10) +
                    "-" +
                    utils.slugify(fields["title"]) +

    🧞‍♂️ Interactive setup process

    This plugin offers an interactive setup process via the npx create-sourcebit command. It asks users to categorize each of the content models present in the models data bucket as a page or data object. For each model selected, the user is asked to define the location and the source of different frontmatter values.

    📥 Input

    This plugin expects the following data buckets to exist:

    • models: An array of content models
    • objects: An array of content entries

    📤 Output

    This plugin creates files on disk, in locations and with formats defined by the writeFile function.


    npm i sourcebit-target-hugo

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