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    A Sanity source plugin for Sourcebit

    👩‍🏫 Introduction

    With this plugin, you can add Sanity as a data source for Sourcebit. To connect your Sanity account, you need an API token, your project ID and the name of your dataset.

    🏗 Installation

    To install the plugin and add it to your project, run:

    npm install sourcebit-source-sanity --save

    💡 You don't need to run this command if you start Sourcebit using the interactive setup process, as the CLI will install the plugin for you and add it as a dependency to your project.

    ⚙️ Configuration

    The plugin accepts the following configuration parameters. They can be supplied in any of the following ways:

    • In the options object of the plugin configuration block inside sourcebit.js, with the value of the Property column as a key;
    • As an environment variable named after the Env variable column, when running the sourcebit fetch command;
    • As part of a .env file, with the value of the Env variable column separated by the value with an equals sign (e.g. MY_VARIABLE=my-value);
    • As a CLI parameter, when running the sourcebit fetch command, using the value of the Parameter column as the name of the parameter (e.g. sourcebit fetch --my-parameter).
    Property Type Visibility Default value Env variable Parameter Description
    accessToken String Private SANITY_ACCESS_TOKEN The Sanity API token.
    dataset String Public The name of the dataset.
    isPreview Boolean Public false Whether to include draft/unpublished entries.
    query String Public "*[]" The query to pass to the Sanity API.
    queryParameters Object Public {} The query parameters to pass to the Sanity API.
    projectId String Public The ID of the Sanity project.
    richTextOutputFormat String Public html The format to convert rich-text fields to. Accepted values: html, markdown and none.
    useCdn Boolean Public false Whether to use the Data API CDN.
    watch Boolean Public watch Whether to poll Sanity for content changes.

    👀 Example configuration


    module.exports = {
        plugins: [
                module: require('sourcebit-source-sanity'),
                options: {
                    accessToken: process.env['SANITY_ACCESS_TOKEN'],
                    dataset: 'production',
                    projectId: '1q2w3e4r'



    🧞‍♂️ Interactive setup process

    This plugin offers an interactive setup process via the npx create-sourcebit command.

    📥 Input


    📤 Output

    This plugin adds normalized entries to the objects data bucket.


    npm i sourcebit-source-sanity

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