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Sota Framework for NodeJS server

0.Setup environment

Development stack

Node 4.1.1
MySQL Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.26, for osx10.11 (x86_64)

Required global modules

npm install -g node-inspector
npm install -g mocha
npm install -g istanbul

1.Structure overview

Structure diagram

2.Folders organization

Permanent files and folders

app/                # Here come the business stuffs of our app
  controllers/      # Don't need to explain this obvious things...
  Main.js           # Initializer script of the app
boot/               # Scripts to start app as a daemon
  Config.js         # Should be a symlink to one of following config files
  Config_Dev.js     # Config for development enviroment
  Config_Prod.js    # Config for production enviroment
  Config_Clgt.js    # We may have various environments though
  Routes.js         #
core/               # Core of Sota framework
public/             # Here come static files
views/              # Enough obvious as well

Optional files and folders

helpers/            # Place multi-model handlers here (contain business/logic)
libs/               # Sometimes we need to use external libs, put them here
utils/              # For common, static handlers (just deal with primitive data)

3.Code APIs


  • initialize($super, params)
  • extend(superclass, interfaces)
  • create(func)
  • createNoAuth(func)
  • authenticate(req, res, callback) ...
// TODO: determine put all handled path in routing files,
// or separate in each controller
// TODO: create sample files
// Almost no common things
// Handle business for particular application
  • initialize($super, dataSource, adapter)
  • createTable(callback)
  • selectOne(options, callback)
  • selectAll(options, callback)
  • selectCount(options, callback)
  • insert(entity, callback)
  • insert(entities, callback)
  • update(entity, callback)
  • update(options, callback)
  • selectOrInsert(options, callback)
  • updateOrInsert(entity, callback)
  • delete(entity, callback)
  • delete(entities, callback)
  • delete(options, callback)
  • beginTransaction(callback)
  • commit(callback)
  • rollback(callback)
  • exec(sql, options, callback)
  • initialize($super, model)
  • save(callback)
  • beforeSave($super, callback)
  • afterSave($super, callback)
  • delete(callback)
  • beforeDelete($super, callback)
  • afterDelete($super, callback)
  • reload(callback)
  • initialize($super, options)
TODO: Determine whether we need this class...
  • initialize($super, config)
  • select(options, callback)
  • insert(options, callback)
  • update(options, callback)
  • delete(options, callback)

4.Backlog - TBD

  • Standard/expandable user table
  • Session info/Authentication
  • Processes pooling/management
  • Failure handling
  • Database connection pooling/management