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Sorted Array

An implementation of John von Neumann's sorted arrays in JavaScript. Implements insertion sort and binary search of JavaScript objects for fast insertion and deletion.


Sorted arrays may be installed on node.js via the node package manager using the command npm install sorted-object-array.


The six line tutorial on sorted object arrays:

var SortedObjectArray = require("sorted-object-array");
var sorted = new SortedObjectArray('k', {k:1, v:''}, {k:2, v:''}, {k:3, v:''}, {k:4, v:''}, {k:5, v:''});
console.dir(sorted.array);                   // [{k:1, v:''}, {k:2, v:''}, {k:3, v:''}, {k:4, v:''}, {k:5, v:''}];                            // 2{k:3});                        // 2 
sorted.remove(3);                            // [{k:1, v:''}, {k:2, v:''}, {k:4, v:''}, {k:5, v:''}] 
sorted.insert({k:3,v:'x'});                  // [{k:1, v:''}, {k:2, v:''}, {k:3, v:'x'}, {k:4, v:''}, {k:5, v:''}]