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Streamline your web development with Sortable-Draggable-JS – the ultimate JavaScript library for effortlessly sorting and dragging items on your web page. With its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily create custom, reorderable lists that enhance user experience and streamline your workflow.

Demo :

Getting Started

Install with NPM:

$ npm install sortable-draggable-js --save

Import into your project:

import Sortable from 'sortable-draggable-js';

Or connect a CDN link (Coming soon)

<script src=""></script>


<div class="sortable-container">
  <div class="sort">
    <span>Hello I am a Element 1</span>
  <div class="sort">
    <span>Hello I am a Element 2</span>
  <div class="sort">
    <span>Hello I am a Element 3</span>
  <div class="sort">
    <span>Hello I am a Element 4</span>
const elements = document.querySelectorAll('.sort');
divsToSort.forEach((item) => {
  const sortable = new Sortable(item);


Options object can be assign by giving second argument.

const sortable = new Sortable(item, {
  itemClass: 'item-class', // class applies to every sortable element
  draggingClass: 'dargging', // class will apply when dragging start
  disabledClass: 'disabled', // class will apply if sorting is disable
  zoom: 1, // it is viewport zoom value (if have css zoom property)
  containers: 'sort-container', // comma seperated appendable boxes classes
  fallBackElement: item.classList.contains('fallback') // it is not sortable, it just append this fallback html
    ? `<div class="fallback-element">
         <span>I am fallback</span>
    : null,
  fallBackClone: false, // if will drop a clone of fallback element
  onStart: (startDetail) => {
    // it will trigger when you start sorting
  onDrop: (details) => {
    // it will trigger after dropped even it is sorted or not
  onSort: (details) => {
    // if element has change or sorted it takes gurantee to trigger after sorting

itemClass option

It will add a class to every sortable Item

draggingClass option

When Sortable Item starts dragging for sorting, the class will applied and when sorted or cancel sorted, the class will be removed.

disabledClass option

When you disable any element, the class will be applied until you re-enable it.

zoom option

If your body or main container has CSS zoom property or transform scale, you will need to give zoom value which help to drag perfectly.

containers option

It takes css comma seperated classes of div's containers.It will allow the item to drop into zontainer while sorting.

fallBackElement option

It takes HTML DOM object or HTML string, It is fallback Element which will drop into your container.To work with this, container is required. It will not drop the Real sorting Element, It will drop your fallback which you've passed to it.

fallBackClone option

It takes Boolean value (defaults to true). It will drop a clone of your fallback Element.


We welcome contributions from everyone!

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs or request new features.


Thank you to all the contributors who have helped make this project better! You can find a list of contributors here.

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