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    An algorithm for ordering route addresses

    Definition of a "route address"

    For the purposes of this algorithm, a route address is a string containing:

    • An optional HTTP verb (or ALL) prefix, followed by a space, followed by:
    • 1 or more path components, where each path component is:
      • A forward slash /, followed by:
      • A colon : followed by any combination of letters and numbers (a "param"), OR
      • A star * (a "wildcard"), OR
      • Any combination of letters and numbers (a "static path component")

    In other words, any Sails-compatible route path.


    Given an unordered list of route addresses:

    1. Find the maximum number of parts (maxParts) in any address, by ignoring the optional verb prefix and initial forward slash and splitting each address on the remaining / characters.

    2. For each address, construct a string (rank) by examining each part in the address from left to right and:

      • Adding a 1 to the string for each static path component
      • Adding a 2 to the string for each param component
      • Adding a 3 to the string for each wildcard component
      • If the address being examined has fewer than maxParts parts, pad the string with 0s if no wildcards were encountered, or 4s if wildcards were encountered.
      • Add a 0 to the end of the string if the address has a specific verb prefix (i.e. not ALL), and a 1 if it has a ALL prefix or no prefix.
      • Finally, prefix a 5 at the beginning of the string if the path has no static components1.
    3. Sort the addresses by their rank, with lesser ranks coming before greater ones.


    ----  -----
    1000  GET /foo
    1001  /foo
    1101  /foo/bar
    1111  /foo/bar/baz
    1120  GET /foo/bar/:baz
    1121  /foo/bar/:baz
    1130  GET /foo/bar/*
    1131  /foo/bar/*
    1201  /foo/:bar
    1211  /foo/:bar/baz
    1221  /foo/:bar/:baz
    1311  /foo/*/baz
    1341  /foo/*
    2101  /:foo/bar
    2111  /:foo/bar/baz
    2121  /:foo/bar/:baz
    2211  /:foo/:bar/baz
    3111  /*/bar/baz
    3131  /*/baz/*
    3141  /*/baz
    52001 /:foo
    52201 /:foo/:bar
    52221 /:foo/:bar/:baz
    52231 /:foo/:bar/*
    52341 /:foo/*
    53440 GET /*
    53441 /*

    1: This ensures that addresses like /*/baz/* are ranked above ones like /:foo/:bar/:baz -- the static baz component implies that the author intends for */baz/* to handle request URLs of at least three components, one of which is baz; if /:foo/:bar/:baz/ were ranked higher in the list, it would swallow the subset of those URLs with exactly three components.




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