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JavaScript code quality front end:

  • jshint style (coming)
  • Dojo loader support (in progress)


npm install -g solid-code


solid foo.js
  1. Looks for foo.js | fooTest.js in subfolders
  2. Runs GT unit tests, outputs results and code coverage
  3. Computes code complexity
  4. (in progress) Computes dependency weights

You can specify multiple source files, they are tested sequentially.

solid foo.js bar.js
solid examples\*.js      -- loads all js files in folder examples
solid examples\**\*.js   -- loads all js files in all subfolders in examples

Few command line switches

  • --watch or -w to watch source files and rerun analysis automatically on change.
  • --help or -h shows command line options and exits.

The tool tries to be as silent as possible if the code is solid. Otherwise it will print detailed description of the failure: failed unit test results, insufficient code coverage, code is too complex.