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Solar css framework

Solar is a front-end css framework. It is developed for anybody to use with the Interstellar Module System. It is also to be used by's web properties.

Design philosophies/goals

The solar css framework is:

  • Mobile first: concepts designed with a mobile first philosophy
  • Unopinionated: the core is unopinionated in design
  • Themable: enabling anybody to theme the look and feel
  • Modular: enables styles to be shared across multiple web applications, websites, teams or organizations

Getting started

To see an example of solar in use, see the new client.

To learn about the different parts of the solar ecosystem and how extensions and themes come in, read the Solar css framework architecture.

To learn about how to write css consistent with the design laid out in solar, read the solar css guide.

Simple usage

At the top of your css file, import the necessary files in the right order. For example:

@import '../../node_modules/solar-css/lib/index';
@import '../../node_modules/solar-stellarorg/lib/index';

@import '../../node_modules/solar-css/styles/index';
@import '../../node_modules/solar-stellarorg/styles/index';
@import '../../node_modules/solar-stellarorg-pages/styles/index';

This allows for useful error/warning messages from sass since the direct files are being imported and not just bundled. The downside is that the developer will have to manage this. However, if the developer already understands how Solar works, then it should be easy.


Solar is more than just a set of sass/js files. It is also set of conventions. Solar extensions and consumers should follow the solar conventions. These conventions are designed to enable developers to write css in a unified, clean, and modular way.

These conventions should be keep the css organized while still being easy to understand. Developers new to this framework should be able to write code meaningfully without being bogged down by heavy conventions.




npm i solar-css

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