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Software Code of Conduct - v.0.0.2

A code of conduct for software companies and their employees. Standards to live by when developing human friendly code.

The Software

The software developed with this code of conduct is human friendly and does not directly or indirectly help to:

  • Lie
  • Kill other humans, or in any other way physically harm
  • Steal
  • Harass in any way

The organization and employer

We strive to live by the Software Code of Conduct. That means that the software we make should follow the code of conduct described here. Also, our employees should have the necessary tools available to make this happen.

The software developer and employee

Working in a organization following the Software Code of Conduct I have the possibility and responsibility to create software that follows the code of conducts described here.

How to use this code of conduct?

Instead of using this code of conduct to distribute blame and point fingers, it should be used as a way to make employers and employees concious of their own actions and what they can do to create more human friendly software. There will always be interpretations of what the code of conduct means for a piece of software.

One way of living by this code of conduct is to discuss (publicly) what you get out of it, what this means for your software and where you see your software could be better.

What is this?

A take on "Guilds, Ethics, and Software Engineering as one of The Professions". Develop this code of conduct into something companies will follow and developers to demand (and then follow) when they apply for a job.

Another source for inspiration is Nodejs' code of conduct.

Would be nice to develop the code of conduct over time and let companies apply to a certain version.

Ideas and comments are welcome!



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