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Socksv5 Cli

Hosts socksv5 proxy when given a simple config


npm install -g socksv5-cli


socksv5 /full/path/to/config.json


Config File Generation

Config file generation:

A basic config file generator is provided, it will try to create an unauthenticated proxy for every external network interface.

socksv5-gen > proxy_config.json

Config file management

A utility for config file management is provided


This file assumes that your config file is stored in /etc/socksv5.conf

See socksv5-config help for more information about the config manager

Config File Examples

Config file format (See config.sample.json):

        "host": <external ip>,
        "port": <port>,
        "username": <username>,
        "password": <password>

Example config:

        "host": "123.456.789.123",
        "port": 123,
        "username": "proxy1user",
        "password": "proxy1pass"
        "host": "",
        "port": 124,
        "username": "proxy2user",
        "password": "proxy2user"