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Warning: Version 0.0.1 is in the absolute alpha fase and created by a Node beginner. I must be doing some things wrong, please feel free to correct me with feedback.

Sockjsio is a multiroom manager based on the sockjs client ( and sockjs-node ( server.

Dependecies are aync and sockjs. Install if not allready done

npm install sockjs
npm install async

Defining a server is plane and simple:

var sockjsio = require('./sockjsio');

sockjsio.listen( port[int], url[string], prefix[string], sendRoomNames[bool] );

If 'SendRoomNames' is true, every response to a room hase a property roomName, corresponding that roomname. Just pick a prefix like '/A', channels are not used since we use rooms.

A simple echo example:

var sockjsio = require('./sockjsio');
sockjsio.listen( 8080 , '', "/A", true );

sockjsio.on('connection', function( connection )
connection.on('roomopen', function( roomName )
	console.log( + " opened room " + roomName );


    connection.on('data', function( response )
        	var data = JSON.parse( response );
        	// possible ways to send a message
        	connection.emitRoom( data.roomName, data.message );  		// Send to whole room including connection
        	connection.broadcastRoom( data.roomName, data.message );  	// Send to all in this room but connection
        	connection.sendRoom( data.roomName, data.message );  	    // Send to this connection if in this room

        	connection.emitClient( data.message );				        // Send to all clients on the server
        	connection.broadcastClient( data.message );			        // Send to all except connection
        	connection.sendClient( data.message );				        // Send to this connection

    var isInroom = connection.isInRoom('room1'); 				    // = true if in 'room1'	
    var joined = connection.joined(); 				                // Array with roomnames

Within the connections there are some handy events they all return the roomName.

connection.on('roomopen', function( roomName )
    console.log( + " opened room " + roomName );
  • roomopen: fired when room hase opened.
  • roomclose : fired after a room hase closed.
  • leaving: fired when a client left a room.
  • joining: fired when a client hase joined a room.

There are two other functions within connections:

var isInroom = connection.isInRoom('room1'); 		    // Bool true / false	
var joined = connection.joined(); 				        // Array with roomnames the client joined

To make it complete:

var roomExists = sockjsio.roomExists("room2");		    // False: this user hase left the room
var usersInRoom = sockjsio.usersInRoom("room1");	    // Array with connection id's of joined sockets
var clients = sockjsio.clients();				        // Array with all connection id's on the server
var client = sockjsio.client(socketID);				    // Get a socket with that ID