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Multi-platform SNS Client for Node

This is general SNS Client libs for most SNS platforms.


  • "wyx" - Sina Weiyouxi (Old style FB like, in-frame only, implemented)
  • "renren" - RenRen (OAuth2, implemented)

Not implement yet:

  • "qq" - QZone/Pengyou
  • "fb" - Facebook
  • "google" - Google+
  • "kaixin" - Kaixin001

Implemented but not suggest to use

  • "sina" - Weibo (OAuth, implemented, but lack of sns CommonAPI)

How to use

To create a SNS client

var snsclient = require('snsclient');

var factory = snsclient({
	platform_nameA : {key: key, secret: secret},
	platform_nameB : {key: key, secret: secret}
var client_nouser, client_withuser;

client_nouser = factory.createClient('platform_nameA'); // for no authorized_user

factory.setDefault('platform_nameA'); // set a default platform
client_nouser = factory.createClient(); // for no authorized_user and using default

// set user and using default
// you can get authorized_user by snsClient's function "authorize()"
client_withuser = factory.createClient(authorized_user); 

To authorize

some authorization may be redirecting page

// create a default client
var client = factory.createClient(), authorized_user;
client.authorize(req, res, function(err, user){
	// if no err, user will be the authorized_user to be used in other CommonAPIs
	authorized_user = user;

Using commonAPIs

// create a default client with authorized_user
var client = factory.createClient(authorized_user);
client.friends_ids(null, /* you can set some API additional parameters here */
  function(err, data){
  //To handle data


  • Using node-oauth lib
  • The lib should be run on express framework(for session and router support)


  • acccount_info : get current user's info
    • support: all
  • friends_ids : get user's friends ids
    • support: all(except weibo)
  • appfriends_ids : get user's app friends(installed current application) ids
    • support: all(except weibo)
  • appfriends_info : get user's app friends detail info
    • support: all(except weibo)
  • is_app_user : check if the user installed current application
    • support: all(except weibo)
  • users_info : get user's info by ids array
    • support: all(except weibo)

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