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a different take on shoe.

tldr; a streams2 analog of shoe

wut? why?

shoe is a solid streaming websocket wrapper. I like the way it is set up but almost never need the heavy sockjs fallbacks. It also doesn't deliver a very smart stream to the client.

websocket stream is also great, but it returns a classic style stream (via the through module) which doesn't have goodies like the read() method, which I like. Thus, here we are. Another websocket streaming wrapper. njoy!

more why: I had a specific use case where I wanted to point a really big stream to my client. I wanted that client to be able to bit off peices in a pagination sort of way. In this case streams2 api was compelling for flow control. I found most of the existing websocket wrappers to be lacking in this dimension


var http = require('http')
var ecstatic = require('ecstatic')(__dirname)
var server = http.createServer(ecstatic)
var sneaker = require('sneaker')
var websocket = sneaker(function(stream) {
websocket.install(server, '/yolo')


var sneaker = require('sneaker')
var websocket = sneaker('/yolo')
websocket.on('readable', function() {
    var chunk =

rpc style





npm install sneaker

wacky idea

it might be pretty easy to use indexedDB inside of the readable stream implementation to make a larger(r) local cache of the stream. This might be really cool in some cases....

could also be interesting to package this as a multilevel adapter