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    SnapTest CLI Tool:

    SnapTest's cli tool to generate a test code folder. Digests SnapTest JSON and outputs a folder of tests that can be run in a variety of languages/frameworks.


    npm install -g snaptest-cli

    Current official generators & styles:

    1. nightwatch: Generates code in the popular nightwatchJS framework. generator repository, project harness
    2. csharp Generates code in C#. generator repository

    Each generator is accompanied by a project harness repository that will help you get setup with configuring/running your tests.

    Want another language/framework generator? Let us know in the github issues section here.

    Cloud vs Local mode.

    • If you're utilizing SnapTest cloud, the cli will pull your test JSON directly from your cloud account via your access token and account flags.
    • If you're only using "local" only, You can specify your test json via the -i <path to test JSON file> flag.

    Quick usage:

    From the SnapTest extensions dashboard, find the "code" icon/button next to the corresponding test folder. Follow the on-screen commands to copy a command into your terminal which will generate the folder and tests with your specifications.


    General flags:

    These are most easily obtained by clicking on the "generate code" icons above tests or folders and copying/pasting the generated command.

    1. Generate only folder: -f <folderId> - Generates only the specified folder.
    2. Output folder name: -o <test folder name> - Lets you name the test folder whatever you'd like. It defaults to snaptests.
    3. Framework type: -r <offical framework/language> - Generates tests in any of the offical frameworks. e.g. nightwatchjs or csharp.
    4. Style: -s <offical style> - Generates tests with specified style. e.g. for the csharp type, xunit or nunit are available.
    5. Local JSON resource: -i <path to test JSON file> - Specify a path to a local json file that you have exported via the SnapTest extension.
    6. Custom generator: -c <path to custom generator index.js> - Specify a path to the index.js file of your custom generator. for more information, see custom generator docs.

    Cloud access flags:

    These are only required if you're utilizing the SnapTest cloud. Not required if you're generating from a local .json tests file.

    These are most easily obtained by clicking on the "generate code" icons above tests or folders.

    1. Access token: -t <access token> - Used to access your resources on the SnapTest Cloud. Not required if you're generating from a local .json file.
    2. Account type: -a <account type> - Specify the type of account you're accessing. Can be user, org, or project
    3. Account id: -a <account id> - Specify the id of the account.


    1. MacOS (Windows coming soon)
    2. Node 4+




    npm i snaptest-cli

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