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snap-push - Upload static website files to the cloud


  • Upload with support for:
    • Amazon S3
    • Azure
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • MinIO
  • Automatically detect and set correct Content-Type for uploaded files.
  • Create gzip and br compressed versions of uploaded file and set the appropriate Content-Encoding.
  • Set custom Cache-Control.
  • Concurrent uploads.
  • Only upload changed files.
  • Remove files that were deleted locally.
  • Prioritise upload of new files first.
  • Dry Run / Pretend mode


For Amazon S3

yarn add snap-push @aws-sdk/client-s3 @aws-sdk/lib-storage

or use npm

npm install snap-push @aws-sdk/client-s3 @aws-sdk/lib-storage

For Azure Storage

yarn add snap-push @azure/storage-blob

For Google Cloud Storage

yarn add snap-push @google-cloud/storage

Basic Usage

snap-push can be used as a command line utility or as a library. For example, to push all the files in the dist folder to the root of the example-bucket S3 bucket and make them public:

Command line

$ cd dist && ../node_modules/.bin/snap-push './**/*' s3://example-bucket --public

Using the Library

CommonJS require

const push = require('snap-push').default;
const s3FileProvider = require('snap-push/s3').default;

ES Modules import

import push from 'snap-push';
import s3FileProvider from 'snap-push/s3';


const providerOptions = {
  bucket: 'example-bucket',
  region: 'ap-southeast-2',

(async () => {
  const result = await push({
    currentWorkingDirectory: 'dist',
    files: './**/*',
    makePublic: true,
    provider: s3FileProvider(providerOptions),


Auto compression

Files uploaded with specific fileExtensions or mimeTypes could be automatically compressed with br (Brotli) and/or gzip (GZip) using the encoding option. This is useful when used in conjuction with a CDN with rules to route requests with the appropriate Accept-Encoding to the compressed copy.


Encode files with .txt or .html file name extensions or mime/content-type containing text or xml, with raw (orginal, no encoding), br (brotli) and gz (gzip) encodings. raw will have the original file name. br will have a the original file name appended with .br, and gzip original appended with .gz.

const result = await push({
  currentWorkingDirectory: 'dist',
  files: './**/*',
  makePublic: true,
  encoding: {
    fileExtensions: ['txt', 'html'],
    mimeTypes: [/text/, /xml/],
    contentEncodings: ['raw', 'br', 'gzip'],
  provider: s3FileProvider(providerOptions),

Encode files with gzip using the original file name.

const result = await push({
  currentWorkingDirectory: 'dist',
  files: './**/*',
  makePublic: true,
  encoding: (fileName) => {
    return [
        destFileName: fileName,
        encoding: 'gzip',
  provider: s3FileProvider(providerOptions),

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