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SMTP Client in Node

Connect to an SMTP server and send e-mails, authenticated or not. You can use the Client class or the sendmail function. The later is recomended.

	"host"		: "",
	"from"		: "",
	"to"		: [ "", "" ],
	"auth"		: [ "john", "secret" ],
	"content"	: {
		"subject"		: "Hello Jane!",
		"content-type"	: "text/html",
		"content"		: "Hello <strong>Jane</strong>!"
	"success"	: function () {
	"failure"	: function (err) {
		console.log("Error(%d): %s", err.code, err.message);


  • host (default = ""): Server to connect to;
  • port (default = 25): Server port to connect to;
  • auth (optional): Authentication to use. Should be an array with username, password and method (optional). Methods supported: PLAIN, LOGIN and CRAM-MD5 (default);
  • from (default = "root@localhost"): Origin e-mail.
  • to: Destination e-mail(s). It can be a string with 1 e-mail or an array with all the e-mails.
  • content: Content of the e-mail. It can be a string or an object with all the e-mail parts (or just 1).
  • contentPath: If you prefer, you can have the e-mail generated on a file and supply it instead of content.
  • success (optional): Callback invoked when e-mail is successfully sent.
  • failure (optional): Callback invoked when some error ocurred.