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A command-line tool for local Smooth development. When doing development work on Smooth core, this tool allows you to copy the changes to the various Smooth packages to Smooth sites that you're testing your changes on.


npm install -g smooth-dev-cli

Configuration / First time setup

The smooth-dev-cli tool needs to know where your cloned Smooth repository is located. You typically only need to configure this once.

smooth-dev --set-path-to-repo /path/to/my/cloned/version/smooth

How to use

Navigate to the project you want to link to your forked Smooth repository and run:


The tool will then scan your project's package.json to find its Gatsby dependencies and copy the latest source from your cloned version of Gatsby into your project's node_modules folder. A watch task is then created to re-copy any modules that might change while you're working on the code, so you can leave this program running.

Typically you'll also want to run npm run watch in the Gatsby repo to set up watchers to build Gatsby source code.

Demo Video

More detailed instruction for setting up your Gatsby development environment can be found here.

Other commands


You can prevent the automatic dependencies scan and instead specify a list of packages you want to link by using the --packages option:

smooth-dev --packages smooth smooth-backend-wordpress


Don't output anything except for a quit message when used together with --scan-once.


Copy all modules/files in the smooth source repo in packages/

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