Extra commands added to Joyent's smartdc package for the financially conscious


Extensions to the Joyent Smart Datacenter API for the financialy minded.

npm install smartdc-cost -g

sdc-listmachines-cost will return results like this:

   > Host1 @ (Extra Small 512 MB) => $0.03/hr
   > Host2 @ 456.456.456.456 (Small 1GB) => $0.085/hr
   > $0.12/hr
   > $82.80/month

Currently, the binary package(s) assume you will be runnign the commands from bash, and have the following envrionment variables set for the normal smartdc API:

  • export SDC_CLI_URL url for the Joyent API (something like
  • export SDC_CLI_ACCOUNT your joyent account name
  • export SDC_CLI_KEY_ID the name of the SSH/RSA Key registerd with Joyent
  • export SDC_CLI_IDENTITY path to the SSH/RSA key you have configured with your Joyent account