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Server side implementation for SmartClient

Installation instructions

  • Create empty directory
  • Initialize package.json with npm init
  • Add smartclient-node to your Node.js project.
npm install -S smartclient-node

Installation process will ask following questions - accept defaults:

Destination directory [/home/user/smartclient-test/]:
Download SmartClient evaluation runtime (WARN: overwrites existing web/isomorphic directory)? [yes]:
Install sample (WARN: overwrites existing index.html file)? [yes]:

Downloading SmartClient runtime takes some time - be patient.

Instalation process can be repeated by running installed script ./node_modules/.bin/smartclient-install

Starting server



Installation process creates configuration file conf/ Update this file with your values. Server should be restarted for changes to take effect.

Current status

  • Supports RPC calls without method arguments
    • Transactions (per request)
  • Supports SQL data sources for MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • CRUD operations
    • Transactions (per request)
    • Paging
    • Sorting
    • Simple filtering
    • Filtering with Advanced criteria
  • Supports JSON data source: data is stored in file in JSON format
    • CRUD operations
    • always returns whole dataset
    • client side sorting
    • client side filtering


  • Add data source for MongoDB