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A Slush generator for the WebNext website templates (HTML Edition, Jade Edition, etc.)

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First install slush globally:

run npm install -g slush

Then install slush-webnext globally:

run npm install -g slush-webnext


Move to the directory of your new project and run

slush webnext

You will then be prompted with whether you want to use webnext-html or webnext-jade.

You can skip the first question/prompt by running

slush webnext html or slush webnext jade

for documentation on WebNext itself, visit myhonor16/webnext-html or myhonor16/webnext-jade

Getting To Know Slush

Slush is a tool that uses Gulp for project scaffolding.

Slush does not contain anything "out of the box", except the ability to locate installed slush generators and to run them with liftoff.

To find out more about Slush, check out the documentation.