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<%= vendorName %>-<%= packageName %>

<%= packageNameCaps %> package for <%= vendorName %>

== CLI commands for this package ==

  1. Run the following command in the root directory of your laravel installation: php artisan controller:make NewController --bench=<%= vendorName %>/<%= packageName %>

  2. Add the following line after the first php opening tag of the newly generated file inside the packages controller folder namespace <%= vendorNameCaps %><%= packageNameCaps %>\Controllers;

  3. Run the following command in the root directory and your package directory composer dump-autoload

=== Accessing admin area === Admin controller is restful, therefore has following pages available: /<%= packageName %>/manage/ /<%= packageName %>/manage/create /<%= packageName %>/manage/{lobby_id} /<%= packageName %>/manage/{lobby_id}/edit