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preconfigured gulp


Slurpee is a configuration of gulp that enables you to quickly get up and running with a front-end project. It supports the following out of the box:

  • Jade template compilation
  • Styl-like stylesheet compilation with auto-prefixer support
  • gulp-surgeon preconfigured with live-reload for lightning fast compilation
  • bower / component packaging

Available Tasks

  • slurpee-styles - compiles stylesheets
  • slurpee-js - compiles js
  • slurpee-jade - compiles all templates and moves them to public/
  • slurpee-indexFile - compiles an indexFile (if configured) and moves it to slurpee-public/index.html
  • slurpee-assets - moves files and images from lib to public/
  • slurpee-serve - start a static file server
  • slurpee-build - runs ['slurpee-js', 'slurpee-styles', 'slurpee-jade' 'slurpee-indexFile', 'slurpee-jade', 'slurpee-assets']
  • slurpee-watch - watches files for changes and livereloads them.
  • slurpee-watch-gulpfile - watches gulpfile for changes and reloads the watch task

Example Usage

In your gulpfile.js

var slurpee = require('slurpee');
slurpee.config.jsPaths = [
// ... more here, see config below 
var gulp = require('gulp');
gulp.task('default', ['slurpee-watch']);

Configuring / Default Values

The default config for this project is based off of the sik suggested project layout.

  assetPaths: [
  autoprefixerConfig: 'last 2 versions',
  cssFile: 'app.css',
  indexFile: undefined,
  jsFile: 'app.js',
  jsPaths: ['lib/{components,pages}/**/index.js', 'lib/{components,pages}/**/*.js'],
  jsRootPath: './lib',
  jadePaths: ['lib/components/**/*.jade', 'lib/pages/**/*.jade'],
  liveReloadPort: 35729,
  outputDir: 'public/',
  reworkPlugins: [mixin(reworkMixins), reworkInherit(), reworkReferences(), reworkVariables(), reworkColors(), reworkMath(), reworkShade()],
  serverJadePaths: ['lib/express-pages/**/*.jade'],
  spawns: {
  staticDir: undefined,
  staticPort: 3000,
  stylGlobals: [],
  stylPaths: ['lib/**/*.styl'],
  useComponent: false,
  useBower: false