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Slingxdcc is an XDCC download manager completely written in javascript.

requires Node.js

Tested on Windows and Linux

Installation via source

Grab the source or clone the repo, then in terminal:

$ npm install
$ node slingxdcc

Installation via npm

# npm install -g slingxdcc

Make sure you config your downloads folder! Then start via:

$ slingxdcc

Point your browser to localhost:3000

Enable https

Follow this guide till Step 4: How to create a self-signed SSL Certificate

Copy server.key and server.crt into ssl directory and make sure ssl is activated in config/settings.json


The settings.json is located at $HOME/.slingxdcc/config/settings.json

  "webserver": {
    "port": 3000					// Webserver port
    "ssl": true,					// Use https
    "ssl.crt": "ssl/server.crt",	// Path to ssl.crt
    "ssl.key": "ssl/server.key"		// Path to ssl.key
  "logger": {
    "packRegex": "#(\\d+)\\s+(\\d+)x\\s+\\[\\s*[><]?([0-9\\.]+)([TGMKtga
    k]?)\\]\\s+(.*)", // Regex for pack information
    "packdb": "packets.db"			// Path to packdb file
    "autocleandb": true,			// Clean redundant entries from packdb
    "cleandb_Xminutes": 60			// Clean every X minutes
    "redundantPercentage": 2,		// If there are more then 25% redundant
    "servers": {}					// Servers and channels, can be edited via GUI
  "downloadHandler": {
    "destination": "downloads/",	// Downloads folder
    "resumeDownloads": true,		// Resume or overwrite downloads
    "refreshInterval": 1            // Interval in seconds progress update is displayed
  "packetList": {
    "sortBy": "lastseen"			// Sort search by, can be edited via GUI
    "sortOrder": "desc",			// Sort order, can be edited via GUI
    "filterDiscon": true			// Filter offline downloads
    "pageItemLimit": 20				// Items per page
  "downloads": {}