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Skytrace makes it easy to write, run and reuse e2e tests.

  • Write flows fast with editor autocomplete and auto-reload mode
  • Set assertions and expectations on responses
  • Run locally, in CI/CD, or in production
  • Batteries-included with 20+ integrations for CICD, monitoring, and observability
  • Reuse flows for load testing with Artillery

⚠️ Skytrace is an alpha project ⚠️

Skytrace Ping

A Swiss-army knife for testing HTTP from the command-line.

  • HTTP performance at a glance - DNS lookup, TCP connection, SSL handshake, and TTFB
  • Command-line client for HTTP - send HTTP requests, set headers, send JSON. With color highlighting for HTTP responses.
  • Set checks and assertions with command-line flags - check status codes, content type, headers, JSON properties and more

Skytrace Ping

Skytrace Flow

Write & run flows to check that everything is working as expected.

A flow is a sequence of steps that describes how an API or app works from a client's or user's perspective.

  • Write flows fast - with editor autocomplete and auto-reload mode
  • Set checks and assertions - check API responses and performance automatically
  • Run locally, in CI/CD, or in production - re-use flows for local development, as post-deployment checks, or for production monitoring
  • Monitoring integrations - send results to Slack, Datadog, Honeycomb, or Lightstep

Skytrace Flow

Get Started

Install Skytrace with npm (Homebrew and self-contained binaries coming soon)

npm install -g skytrace

Ping a URL:

skytrace ping -bp

Run a simple flow:

skytrace run -r asciiart-flow.yml

With the -r flag Skytrace will run in hot-reload mode. Change one of the checks to something else, save the file, and Skytrace will re-run it rightaway.

Talk to us

We'd love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, use cases & feedback on our Discussions forum.

Report issues via GitHub Issues.



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