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Skyfall Server Monitor

Skyfall is a simple server monitoring application. There are 2 parts, the server (web app) and the satellites. The server opens connections to different satellites and streams data (such as server load) back to the web app. Skyfall is easily configurable to connect to different servers and stacks, as well as to be able to stream different data.


npm install

To run both the server and satellite:

$ node app.js

To run just the server:

$ node server.js

To run just the satellite:

$ node satellite.js

Sample Installation

Skyfall can be installed and run immediately on a machine to see how it works. Simply run the install and then go to http://localhost:3000.


NConf is the configuration module of choice. It has been set up in config/app-config.js to be able to parse no config file, a default config file or take command line arguments or environmental variables to either set config variables or load specific config files. It will automatically attempt to load config/config.js.

$ NODE_ENV=production app.js

This will attempt to load the config file config/env/production.json.

$ app.js --config test

This will attempt to load the config file config/test.json


Skyfall is designed to be a window into your servers. While there is a basic server load monitor built in, the real power is in the ability to customize and create your own Skyfall modules. Each module should be built with both server-and-client-side functionality in mind. Skyfall modules reside in /skyfall_modules and must include both a satellite.js and skyfall.json file.

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