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A tiny library to skroll around. It looks like this :

skroller($('body'), $('#somewhere'), {
    axis: 'xy',
    duration: 800,
    complete: function() {
        alert('Skrolling is completed !'):


skroller(element, to, options)

General skrolling function.


element           Element to scroll (or string).
to                Target element to scroll to or number.
options           Skroll options:
 - axis             Scroll axis (x,y,xy,yx,both)
                    'both' will scroll on both axis at the same time (diagonal scroll), this is the default.
                    'xy' will scroll on axis x and then on axis y.
 - duration         Scroll duration in ms.
 - complete         On complete callback.

skroller.href(element, options)

  • Binds to the element click event
  • Looks for the href attribute of element (<a href="#anchor">).
  • Scrolls to the corresponding anchor (<a name="anchor">).


element         Element to bind to (usually an A tag).
options         Skroll options:
 - element        Element to scroll (if undefined, the function will search a parent scrollable element)
 - axis           \
 - duration       | -> see skroller()
 - complete       /


Got ender ?

$('body').skrollTo('#element', {
    duration: 600,

    duration: 800,
    axis: 'xy',