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Skeletor is a cli tool for generating an opinionated blueprint for a Node.js module. It assumes you are using the following:

Run skeletor like this where [module_name] is the name of your module.

skeletor [module_name]

It will generate the following output.

├── bin
│   └── module_name.js
├── .gitignore
├── lib
│   └── module_name.js
├── package.json
├── test
│   └── module_name.test.js
└── .travis.yml

Don't like the layout? Create your own fork and change to your liking.


npm -g install skeletor

Default values

Skeletor will try and read defaults to populate the package.json file from your .npmrc and .gitconfig files.


    user = shapeshed

.npmrc = George Ornbo = =


skeletor [module_name]
cd [module_name]
npm install
npm test

Then you can start hacking on your module, create a GitHub repo and push it up.